Our skill is to solve materials handling problems in the workplace and to specify and supply the equipment that best meets your need and budget.

Our equipment suppliers are internationally famous and tested brands such as Famatec, Knights and Anver.  All meet the stringent requirements set by international corporations. (Please see supplier equipment pages for details about safety and quality certificates.)

We also use local equipment where it is of benefit or advantage to our customer.  All local equipment is made under Posilift supervision and is built to our design and specification standards.

Posilift Thailand began operations in Thailand in 1998 by specialising in the use of industrial manipulators to solve repetitive lifting and positioning problems.  During this period we solved, specified and installed hundreds of manipulator solutions across all industries in Thailand.  (ASK US FOR OUR REFERENCE LIST OF SOLUTIONS)

In December 2011 we changed our name from Dalmec Thailand to Posilift Thailand and we became part of the Posilift group of companies.  This gave us access to more industrial manipulator solutions and added more materials handling products, technology and experience. 

As Posilift we can now give customers more solutions, faster delivery, more local content and lower prices.

Posilift (Thailand) also has regional responsibility for the Posilift activities in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.  We service this region and give technical support and backup to our agents in those countries.

All equipment and solutions sold and installed by Posilift are fully backed and supported by the Posilift group and come with user manuals, warranties and are fully supported in Thailand by us.

Posilift (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Level 11, Panjabhum Bldg. 2  127 South Sathorn Rd., Tung Mahamek

Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 Thailand

TEL: (662) 231-8018  FAX: (662) 670-8402  E-MAIL: sales@posilift.co.th